September 23, 2019

Classroom Hacks: Binder Clips to the Rescue

Having previously written about the household uses of binder clips, I thought it might be fun to do a… [more]

Classroom Hacks: Binder Clips to the Rescue Classroom Hacks: Binder Clips to the Rescue

Online Portfolios: Rocket Fuel for Teaching Careers

Stuck in the initial stages of teaching where you are jumping through mentor hoops at every turn? Use… [more]

Online Portfolios: Rocket Fuel for Teaching Careers Online Portfolios: Rocket Fuel for Teaching Careers

Year-Long Bulletin Board Ideas

Staying late on a Friday night to cut out thirty-eight individual paper apples when you could be on a… [more]

Year-Long Bulletin Board Ideas Year-Long Bulletin Board Ideas
Robin Hood and Golden Arrow

Book Review: Robin Hood and the Golden Arrow

This retelling by Robert D. San Souci of the traditional British ballad tells of a trick played on the Sheriff of Nottingham by Robin and his Merry … [Read More...]

Thumbs Up

10 Classroom Management Strategies to Promote Full-Class Participation

Keeping all your kiddos on point is no small feat.  Wandering minds and fidgety bodies can interfere with even the best laid instructional plans. … [Read More...]

Odious Ogre Book Cover

Book Review: The Odious Ogre

Norton Juster’s tale of an angry ogre features whimsical watercolor illustrations of an old-world village setting. … [Read More...]


Greener Living with Environmental Education

With oil spill issues in the news hourly due to the Gulf Coast oil spill it's a great time to strengthen your children's and students awareness … [Read More...]


Survival Science Unit Part 2

This is part two in a series Survival Science Day 7  Students choose a partner to work with on a Survivor experience.  Students discuss … [Read More...]

Podcasts for Teachers

Top Ten Podcasts for Teachers

This is article is by education writer Haley McLeod, and features various podcasts classroom educators should find valuable. … [Read More...]

Saving Teachers Money

More Teacher Discounts

South Florida Museum is also offering teachers free admission to the Museum, Planetarium and Aquarium with ID. Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center … [Read More...]

Edible Schoolyard

Edible Schoolyard: A Book Review

This review is for the title Edible Schoolyard: A Universal Idea, by Alice Waters. … [Read More...]

Cast Away

Science Survivor Style for the Classroom

This is part one of a two part series on Science Survivor Style As a teacher it's important to find projects and units of study that keep students … [Read More...]


Grants, Grant Writers and Finding Funding

Finding funding for educational projects and professional projects can be challenging so these two websites and the resources within them should give … [Read More...]

Florida Aquarium

Teacher Deals and Discounts

The Florida Aquarium These discounts are offered to Teachers in the state of Florida. Judging from my research I imagine educators in each state … [Read More...]

The Importance of Recycling

Environmental Education, Recycling and Trash Pickup

As concerns mount regarding the state of our gulf coast and the oil spill, it's a perfect opportunity to increase our children's environmental … [Read More...]

Chamorro bbq with fina'denne sauce

Celebrating Cultural Diversity

Living and working overseas taught me the importance and joy of celebrating the cultural diversity of my students. Celebrating cultural events raises … [Read More...]

teaching tools for floating educators

Teaching Tools for Floating Educators

Are you an instructor with no space of your own? Stuck floating from room to room, finding an available corner to offer your support services from? If … [Read More...]