August 25, 2019

Cooking in the Classroom: Three Simple Recipes

Primary level instructors tend to work this in for thematic purposes. However, even older students can enjoy an unexpected treat occasionally. Whatever your reasons for wanting to whip something up at school, here are three simple recipes to get you started.

Ice Cream in a Bag.

Is this a cool idea, or what? I found the recipe in Mary Webber’s The Frugal Family Kitchen Book. For ingredients, you’ll need:

¼ cup whole milk or any kind of cream
1 tsp sugar
¼ tsp vanilla or a ½ tsp chocolate syrup
crushed ice
rock salt
zipper top baggies, small and large

Here’s what you do: Put the milk or cream, along with the sugar and vanilla into the small baggie and seal. Place this one inside the larger baggie and fill it about half full with crushed ice. Then add about a half a cup of rock salt per large bag and seal. Wrap each in newspaper and shake. If there are several small portions in the large baggie, you can have them take turns. Or you can go with individual sets and let them each have fun. You should have ice cream in about 5-10 minutes. Fun!

Coconut Candy

The Chamoru teachers on Guam always used to do this. After tasting it, I quickly learned how!
Once you have husked the larger outer shell off the coconut and cut the smaller inner nut in half (draining the milk out first). Take each half and scrape the inside completely using a coconut grating blade with a bowl underneath.
Then, using a square electric frying pan and a wooden spoon, turn the heat to a fairly high degree and add a pound or two of plain white sugar, stirring until it caramelizes to a golden color but is not scorched. Add enough grated coconut so the caramelized sugar coats it completely and has lots of extra “gooeyness” to it. Continue to stir in the pan until the coconut has become soft. Let cool to a safe temperature and let students taste some on a spoon. You can keep repeating this for as large a batch as you desire. Children and adults alike will love it.

Apple Sauce

This is a simple idea that does not require a lot of extra equipment and mess in the classroom. It also fits in great with a primary grade level apple theme, or for a simple harvest treat. Core a number of apples and place them in a slow cooker in your classroom set to low. Add a bit of water to the bottom and sprinkle in some cinnamon. Let it cook for most of the day. Towards the end while there is still time to enjoy a treat with the children, place a food mill in a large bowl and dump the contents of the slow cooker into the food mill. Use the mill to squeeze the sauce out and leave the peelings inside. Remove the food mill and stir the applesauce, adding more spice if desired. Serve to students in small paper cups with plastic spoons after the mixture has cooled to a safe temperature. Wash preparatory items in the classroom sink, or under the outdoor faucet, whichever is available.

There you have it, fellow educators. Three simple recipes to try out in the classroom. Have another one to share?Feel free to contributein the comment section below.

Flickr Photo Credit: Pink Hats, Red Shoes

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