August 21, 2019

Shoestring Teaching: The Portable Puppet Theater

Looking for a classroom drama resource that’s quick, easy, inexpensive, and will take up practically no additional space? This tip is for you.

What you need: a tension rod to fit the doorway of your room, and a curtain with a slot at the top to fit the chosen tension rod. That’s it. Just make sure the curtain is long enough to at least reach the floor. It’s OK if it’s a little long. You can just balloon it out for more drama.

What you do: Slide the curtain on the rod. Assemble it across the doorway to the room. That’s it. Students can watch inside, while on the other side of the curtain performers have as much space as they need without worrying about being seen by the spectators. When the performance is finished, simply roll up the “theater” and place in a file drawer or on an unused shelf. Easy!

This idea is also great for traveling performers, or those teaching specialists who have to travel from class to class without a room of their own. I ran across this idea years ago on the teaching circuit. Those of you who may have used thistechnique . . . we would be thrilled if you’d post a link to your own blog or to an online image. And of course, personal success stories are always welcome!

Photo Credit: Jude Pics

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