August 22, 2019

25 Ways to Say Good Job!

Every teacher needs an idea bank of ways to provide positive reinforcement. Looking for a few ideas to keep from sounding repetitive?

Here’s a list of twenty-five ways to give verbal praise, many of them useful at all grade levels.

1. Rock on!

2. That’s awesome!

3. I can tell you’ve been practicing.

4. That’s very colorful.

5. I like how neatly you’re working.

6. You really followed directions.

7. Way to show what you can do!

8. Bravo!

9. That’s fantastic.

10. Great work.

11. You did that very well.

12. Nicely done.

13. Exciting work, that’s for sure!

14. Look at the detail you put into that project!

15. Wow, you’re fast.

16. Excellent.

17. Incredible job.

18. Good presentation.

19. You’re a rock star.

20. You read that very well.

21. Way to manage your time!

22. You were very responsible with that.

23. You aced that assignment!

24. I can tell how hard you worked on this.

25. Very impressive!

There are many ways to say good job. These are only my top picks. If you have any other great verbal praise phrases, don’t forget to share them with us below. Happy teaching!

Photo Credit: AstroGuyz.Com

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