September 20, 2019

3 Online Resources for the Modern High School Teacher

In the world of online teacher tips, high school educators often get the short end of the academic stick. For whatever reason, many of the lesson ideas tend to be geared towards younger students. Secondary educators, this article’s for you.

These three online resources each provide significant academic support to materials many of you already cover in class. Use them to supplement, enrich or integrate them into your regular lessons as you deem appropriate. The choice is yours.

Designed to bring art history discussions and lessons to all who need or want them, this site allows exploration and study of the works of Gaugin, Picasso, Matisse and more. Articles, brief videos and even audio presentations overlayed with the image of a particular artist’s piece, all combine for an in-depth resource teachers and art history enthusiasts alike will enjoy.

The audio visual presentations and articles would each make great small or whole group activities, as well as independent homework assignments where students are required to provide a written response or answer predetermined questions.

World Digital Library

This growing digital collection of cultural treasures and historical documents contains items from around the world, such as one of a kind antique maps, political photos and even immigration paperwork for Maria von Trapp, the woman made famous by the show “The Sound of Music”. Helpful for research, or preparing presentations requiring specific, hard-to-find images. This project was initiated by UNESCO and the United States Library of Congress, and supported by numerous international organizations.

Academic Earth

A treasure trove of video lectures from top universities such as Princeton, Stanford, Harvard and Yale, just to name a few. Topics range from math and science to the new testament as history and entrepreneurship. Great for those topics that intersect with what your advanced high school students are studying, as well as for those students who want to get a feel for the type of lectures they need to be prepared for in college.

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Photo Credit: Rexand Sharkey

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