August 21, 2019

Almost Astronauts: 13 Women Who Dared To Dream

This true story of the Mercury 13 Women, written by Tanya Lee Stone, chronicles the trials and tribulations of these remarkable women who stepped up to the space challenge.

Why have you never heard of them? After completing all of the testing and a grueling training schedule, they were basically scrubbed from the program. In fact, many would argue that NASA never intended to allow them in space to begin with. Regardless, these women were ahead of their time, and the story is worth reading.

While this is clearly a book for junior high students, I’m still not sure why no attempt was made to dress up the historical photos. Changing a few to sepia, or tossing in the occasional element of color would have done wonders for this title. I understand the only available images were older black and whites, but the use of them exclusively throughout the book makes it look rather dated and drab. A helpful read though, for those interested in the history of women in the space program. From Candlewick Press.

Photo Credit: Amazon.Com

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