September 20, 2019

Free ESL News Resource for Educators

With all of the not so great freebies out there you need to wade through in order to find the good stuff, it’s always nice to find a consistently updated resource available for instant use in the classroom. If you love to cover current events and have a wide range of ages in your student base, this resource just might be for you. Read on for details.

Breaking News English is a free resource for classroom teachers of ESL students. Need some grown up content for learners with lower English skills? Check this out.

Breaking current news stories are provided in summarized form, along with simple classroom lesson ideas. They also have an archive of previous stories for further exploration or those last minute, need to pull a lesson out of thin air for the adult class situations. Definitely worth checking out for adult ESL ideas on the cheap and easy.

Photo Credit: Prufrock 27

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