September 20, 2019

Stock Up on Classroom Supplies at Dollar Tree!

Got a PTA group that wants to support you, but they’re on a budget? Need to replace some basics and score a few craft supplies? Look no further than your nearest Dollar Tree. Read on.

While I agree that for many items one dollar store is as good as another, there are a few areas where Dollar Tree stores really rise above. Here are a few I’ve found of particular interest on the classroom front.

  • Flash cards.
  • Large and small craft sticks.
  • Paint brushes.
  • Colored pencils.
  • Pens and pencils in general.
  • Pompoms.
  • Colored foam sheets.
  • Pipe cleaners.
  • Glue.

These are just a few of the highlights. As you can see, many items here are very suitable for the classroom, art cabinet or home schooling supply box. Unexpected bonus? They offer free shipping on bulk case orders if you have the shipment delivered to your local Dollar Tree for pick up. So if you need to restock some art supplies on the cheap, and are looking for a possible one stop shopping experience to boot, check out your nearest Dollar Tree. I think you’ll be glad you did!

Photo Credit: Scui3astevio

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