August 21, 2019

Want a Green Bulletin Board? Consider Cloth!

I don’t have to tell you how much paper consumption goes in to our yearly bulletin boards. I also don’t have to tell you just how tedious it is to get them ready and keep them rolling every year. Looking to save paper and a little bit of your precious time? Read on.

Cloth is a colorful, creative and eco friendly way to go when it comes to selecting a bulletin background. Bonus? You can reuse it year after year. Simply select a solid background color a bit larger than the cork surface of your board. Press or lightly steam the fabric, and staple tautly and smoothly to the bulletin. Using a sharp Exacto knife, trim the cloth to the edges of the board frame. If you’re super confident in your measuring skills, consider having it custom cut at the fabric store and skipping the aggravation of trimming altogether. You can do this with many different fabrics, including a dark colored cotton to ground the room, burlap for texture, or felt for additional use as an old fashioned flannel board. In addition to being the green way to go, cloth backgrounds have some other perks as well. A few of note?

  • It’s fade resistant.
  • Staple and tack holes disappear.
  • If a substitute teacher does tape something to it, you won’t have tear marks staring you in the face and begging to be recovered.

Need some ideas for trim? Rope or braiding works great for an ocean or nautical theme, or visit a bulk discount fabric store for other trims such as flat, non fringed ethnic trims that are a bit wider, or thin belt fabric.

Got another idea for a great fabric bulletin board? Share it with us!

Photo Credit: Yaronimus Maximus

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