August 25, 2019

Metro Shelving in the Classroom

Looking for an affordable way to organize and update your classroom? Consider metro shelving.

I’ve already documented my love affair with industrial-style metro shelving over on Wise Bread. This stuff is cheap, sturdy and stylish. It’s also uber-easy to put together and comes with some fun add-ons that contribute greatly to its usability.

Extra shelves and pull-out drawer features provide custom storage for minimal cost. With a base set of metro shelves available at your local Lowe’s for around seventy-five dollars, and add-ons for around fifteen USD each, you can request a jazzy storage update for your classroom for much less than it would cost your district for a more expensive set from the supply catalog.

The galvanized steel storage bins available in the same aisle will also stand the test of time when it comes to storing playground gear.  Use your metro shelving setup to store baskets of books, a classroom herb garden and more. If you are required to empty out your classroom every summer, you can also use metro shelving to organize your garage and provide at-home organization for your teaching supplies.

Not only do these rigs come raised up on wheels, making them a breeze for the custodian to clean under, any set I’ve ever purchased also comes with the hardware to screw them into the wall, making them extra safe for the kiddos.

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Photo Credit: Back Garage

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