August 21, 2019

5 Science News Services for Teachers

We all want to stay on top of the latest info in the classrooms, but science teachers have an extra burden, as traditional texts are outdated practically before they’re printed. Sure they’re fine for traditional concepts and historical biographies, but what about the newest and coolest science research? That’s where these five resources come in handy.

  • Eureka Alert brings breaking science news directly to your inbox or RSS reader. Topics include agriculture, archaeology, mathematics and more. Stay on the cutting edge in your classroom with free article updates.
  • Live Science offers legitimate science articles relating to health, animals technology and the environment provide great fodder for science-based current events in the classroom.
  • Phys Org posts serious news articles on not only physics, but chemistry, nanotechnology, space and more.
  • Looking for the latest in science research news? Science Daily delivers with articles on fossils and ruins, matter and energy, health and medicine and numerous other subjects. Turn your students loose on quality science reading for free.
  • Wired Science also brings some interesting material to the science education table in the form of an easy-to-read blog students will find accessible and hip.

Do you have a favorite online science resource for the classroom? Share your knowledge in the comment section below.

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