August 21, 2019

Pueblo Ingles: A Volunteer Program for English Speaking Teens in Spain

Marbella, Spain

Pueblo Ingles for Teens is a program for native English speakers to spend a week or two in Spain, in one of seven locations speaking to Spanish speaking teens to improve their English language skills.

The program was started  in 2001 by Richard Vaughan, owner of Vaughan Systems, a language training system. The original program was to assist Spanish speaking professionals in gaining a quicker fluency in conversational English. The program now offers teens the same opportunity.

Locations include Granada, Cordoba, Andalucia, Avila and others. The teen program is for students 13-18. The program offers the option of a parent or teacher attending with the teen and participating in the program along with the teen, speaking with native Spanish speaking adults.

The program provides students one on one time to speak in English with native Spanish speaking teens who want to improve their conversational English. The program also includes group activities, half day excursions,  free time and time to interact with other teens. A swimming pool is available for free time as are sporting options such as basketball, football and tennis.

The cost of the program is minimal with families providing airfare and pay for  the first night of accomodations (at a program provided hotel with supervision) until the program begins. During the program room, board and insurance are provided for the teens. A computer is available for teens during free time hours to email parents and teens also have access to make phone calls at the parents expense.

Marbella Photo Credit JuanPol

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