August 21, 2019

Tie Dye Tee Shirt: Class Project

Tie Dye Tee Shirt

Making memories is what the end of the school year is all about. As a teacher I always tried to plan something the kids would love. One event that works well is to have an outdoor activity day combined with dying tie dye tee shirts.  I’ve participated in such an event and I’ve planned a follow up event. It’s fun and well suited to work together. Here’s why.

When you tie dye you should really be in a space where sloppy messes don’t matter. The outdoors is a wonderful space for tie dye, if a pan of dye gets spilled the grass can be hosed down and there are no classroom messes to deal with. Secondly if you pair the tie dye activity with an outdoor activity such as volleyball or kickball then students can rotate in and out of the game to tie dye their shirt. This allows you to supervise the game and oversee shirts being made a few at a time, with no waiting or fussing among students. Remember when planning to choose a sporting activity that doesn’t require a huge team of players. This will allow you to start a few on the shirts and then rotate additional students into the tie dye and back into the game seamlessly.

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Tie Dye Heart Tee

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Photo Credit: Tie Dye Tee Flickr

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