September 20, 2019

Top Ten Podcasts for Teachers

This is article is by education writer Haley McLeod, and features various podcasts classroom educators should find valuable.

Teachers are well aware that learning is a life-long process. With the education world rapidly changing, educators must continually adapt their teaching styles to coincide with changing technology and education expectations. For podcasts in specific subject areas, please visit the Education Podcast Network, which provides links to education podcasts sorted by category. For now, here are several top podcasts that focus on general education improvement and current events.

ESL Teacher Talk: As the United States becomes more diverse, English as a second language teachers are in more demand than ever. ESL Teacher Talk is ideal for teachers who have students in their class who are learning English as a second language. The podcast discusses topics as classroom management, lesson plans, and job searches specifically for ESL Teachers. The podcast also includes links to supporting education materials, videos, and other downloads.

The Education Gadfly Show: The Education Gadfly show, run by the Thomas B. Fordham Institute, examines current education issues such as school choice, teacher quality, and government legislation. In Ohio and around the country, The Fordham Institute advocates for more widespread education options and teacher accountability. Through 90-second mini-debates and “Rate that Reform,” the hosts educate the public about current events in the education world.

K-12 Greatest Hits: BAM! Radio, a prominent voice in the education community, compiles all of their most popular podcast segments into this podcast. Each episode is hosted by an Executive Directors of one of the many education associations in the United States. Through interviews with well-known educators and advocate groups, this podcast provides insights on the current issues of the education world.

NPR: Education Podcast: The National Public Radio podcast on education is a fantastic overall resource for educators, providing information on the science of learning, classroom dynamics, and other relevant topics. The podcast also covers current education news stories from around the world.

Teachers Teaching Teachers: Run by three working teachers in New York City, Paul Ellison, Susan Ettenheim, and Thomas Locke, this program provides a weekly podcast, skype conversation, and live webcast. This podcast is ideal for teachers struggling with implementing new technologies in the classroom. Together with fellow educators, they search for the most effective practices for studying, research, and technology; in addition, the podcast hosts review new media by testing it themselves.

The Teacher’s Podcast: The popular duo of Mark Gura and Dr. Kathy King explore recent news, research, and resources in the education world each week on The Teacher’s Podcast.  Together, Mark and Kathy are authors, professors, teachers, and education technology experts. The pair provides new and abundant resources for teachers and discusses methods of professional growth.

The Tenacious Teacher: Useful for all genres of teaching, The Tenacious Teacher is a podcast that provides strategies for everyday teaching and tools for managing responsibilities as an educator. This podcast is perfect for educators wanting to learn more about classroom dynamics and approaches for maintaining a productive classroom environment.

Teaching Tips by Teachtopia: Teaching Tips, by Teachtopia, serves teachers in grades K-12 and covers a variety of academic subjects, including science and math, language arts, social studies, and physical education. Each podcast focuses on a specific tip, either on a certain subject and or sometimes just on general teaching resources. Technology advice and help is also incorporated.

Teachers Connecting Podcast: Teachers Connecting Podcast focuses on providing new, unique lesson ideas, listening to fellow teachers’ stories, and exploring new technologies such as interactive whiteboards. One of their main focuses is the use of SMARTBoards and utilizing podcasts in teaching communities. This podcast has been rewarded honors such as Edublog Best Use of Audio 2007 and Microsoft Innovative Educators.

The Whole Child: The Whole Child is a podcast that recognizes the need for innovation and change in an education system rooted in the previous century. Technology has altered society rapidly, yet the education system remains the same. The Whole Child still recognizes the need to provide a solid foundation in the basic subjects (math, reading, writing, etc.), but also is pushing for a “whole child approach to teaching, learning, and community engagement.”

Haley McLeod is a guest blogger for My Dog Ate My Blog and a writer on online universities for Guide to Online Schools.

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  1. Peter says:

    Another great Educational Technology podcast with an Australian bent is the Ed Tech Crew – laid back with lots of links and great guest – a must add to any teachers listening.


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