August 21, 2019

Greener Living with Environmental Education

With oil spill issues in the news hourly due to the Gulf Coast oil spill it’s a great time to strengthen your children’s and students awareness of  how disasters such as the oil spill happen and how to protect the oceans and our planet from an overflow of contamination and pollution.

Here’s a link to google photos of the Island of Trash found in our oceans.

Children are interested, open and willing to learn. If your example is one of recycling, turning down the hot water heater, buying in bulk or biking rather than driving around the block your kids and students will notice and begin to absorb this information. The more they see your example the more they will begin to emulate you and  practice their own greener living measures. Possibly you and your family or your students can volunteer for oil spill clean up,  or volunteer in your city or town for a clean up day. Every action is one step toward protecting our natural resources and our planet.


With movies like, Inconvenient TruthEarth and Planet Earth children develop a deeper understanding of our planet and protecting our natural resources. Earth Day celebrations are another resource. They offer a multitude of ideas to support Greener Living. In fact on this Earth Day site you can find Earth Day projects, activities, crafts and lessons to use with students to raise awareness of Greener Living. Here’s the perfect way to begin building student awareness  Using Mad Green Skills to Generate Less Cafeteria Trash and 8 Simple Ways to Reduce Plastic in the Classroom. Every baby step we take toward protecting the earth is one step forward toward greener living and deepening environmental education. Here is a  Lesson Machine link to teacher tips for recycling and reusing classroom craft supplies. What steps can you take today?

Photo Credit Aussie Gall

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