June 19, 2019

3 Online Resources for the Modern High School Teacher

In the world of online teacher tips, high school educators often get the short end of the academic stick. For whatever reason, many of the lesson ideas tend to be geared towards younger students. Secondary educators, this article’s for you. [Read more...]

Web Roundup: Down Days, Progress Reports and More

January is prime month for quality instruction. Yet it is also the time many of us have a hard time gearing up after the holidays. To help out, I’ve rounded up what I feel are the top tips from around the web as we launch into 2010. [Read more...]

Learning Centers on the Cheap: Clothespin Math

Need a basic math center activity for multiple grade levels that will cost you next to nothing? Try this affordable idea that requires nothing but clothespins and index cards. [Read more...]

Select a Different Classroom Craft Supply and Save the Planet

A situation came up at The Lesson Machine / Lesson Mag office recently that put us in a bit of a conundrum. It got me thinking about how many of us might be contributing to serious environmental problems in spite of all our classroom recycling efforts. Read on to find out what happened, how we responded, and join in the discussion of how you can address the same issue in your own classroom. [Read more...]

Fearing The Technology Monster: Guest Post from Shelly Terrell

Everywhere you see the students in your school texting on their cell phones or listening to their Ipods. Administrators are beginning to ask you how you use computers in your classroom. [Read more...]

Innovation Goes Mainstream: Reflections from Sean Banville

Fourteen years ago, a student at my college asked to use ‘the computer’. His next question stumped me. “How do you turn it on?” I failed in my attempts to help him. How was I to know the power button on the Apple Mac was on the keyboard? I was an EFL teacher! I made lessons for students in my neatest handwriting with my pencil. No need for technology. [Read more...]

Classroom Holiday Calendar on the Cheap

As December approaches, many teachers are looking for ways to celebrate the Christmas holiday that keep both classroom discipline and budget in check. [Read more...]

Physical Education: 7 Pieces of Equipment for a Frugal Program

With tight budgets and position cuts the norm in many school districts, physical education often ends up being on the classroom teacher’s list of responsibilities. How do you implement a sustainable physical education program without diverting valuable classroom budget dollars on supplies? Here are seven simple suggestions to get you started. [Read more...]

10 Free Resources for Learning and Technology Professionals

There are many free resources online designed to help learning and technology practitioners design curriculum, plan lessons, advance their career, and engage students in the learning experience. [Read more...]

Stick Man: A Winter Holiday Book Review

Stick Man, a new release by Scholastic, is out this season for holiday enjoyment. [Read more...]