August 21, 2019

Fearing The Technology Monster: Guest Post from Shelly Terrell

Everywhere you see the students in your school texting on their cell phones or listening to their Ipods. Administrators are beginning to ask you how you use computers in your classroom. [Read more...]

Innovation Goes Mainstream: Reflections from Sean Banville

Fourteen years ago, a student at my college asked to use ‘the computer’. His next question stumped me. “How do you turn it on?” I failed in my attempts to help him. How was I to know the power button on the Apple Mac was on the keyboard? I was an EFL teacher! I made lessons for students in my neatest handwriting with my pencil. No need for technology. [Read more...]

Reviews that Rock! Great Ideas for Covering Test Content

Tired of the groaning whenever you settle in for a topic review in class? Here are some ideas to use when getting ready for a big test, and also some strategies to keep the material fresh all year long. Bonus? Many of these ideas can be used as team activities, or as sponge activities when it’s time for transition. [Read more...]