August 21, 2019

6 Simple Ways to Improve Your Online Job Search

In today’s digital world, most job seekers use online outlets to find new employment opportunities. While online job searching provides many advantages, you need to take a strategic approach if you wish to be successful in your search. Here are six simple ways to improve your online job search.

Use the Right Search Parameters

Online job listings are a great way to find new opportunities in your area, but many job seekers are not using these sites in an effective way. Filtering out irrelevant results is the best way to streamline your search and allow you to respond to opportunities quickly.

A job seeker in San Francisco, for example, would only want to view job openings now hiring in San Francisco. Job postings for positions in other cities and states are completely irrelevant. Every job searching website will allow you to perform an advanced search where you can choose your desired location and position. This narrows your results down to a workable list that is relevant to your needs.

Create a New Resume

Paper resumes are quickly becoming a thing of the past, but they haven’t gone extinct quite yet. Rather than trashing your old paper resume, take the steps to update it and create a new digital resume as well. By having two resumes, you can accommodate any employer regardless of what their resume requirements are.

Build Your Personal Brand Online

Many employers today are using the digital world to seek out new employees. Because you are unable to sell yourself in person, you must take the steps to sell yourself as a worthy candidate online. In order to do this, you need to establish a digital “home.” All of your online activity should be tied back to this centralized hub. This can be your own person website, your LinkedIn profile or a social media account such as Twitter.

Experts recommend that job seekers invest in a domain name that includes your own name. This will allow you to not only present yourself on your website, but also allow you to communicate with potential employers through your website’s separate email address.

Google Yourself

When you search for your name on Google, what kind of results do you see? Many job seekers overlook the importance of checking their digital footprint. These results paint a picture of you as a future employee, and many employers are now using Google to check up on potential candidates.

Get into the habit of “Googling” yourself on a regular basis to keep tabs on your digital footprint. If some of the results are concerning, you may want find a way to delete that activity or direct the potential employer to your professional web spaces.

Network with Others

Networking is still an integral part of the job search process. In many ways, the Internet has simplified the networking process thanks to social networks. Make sure that you are utilizing these networks to make new connections. These connections may just help you land your dream job.

Spruce Up Your Online Profiles

The vast majority of employers use social media to find new candidates. You may be putting a great deal of effort into maintaining your professional social profiles, but you should expect hiring managers and recruiters to check your personal social profiles as well.

Managing your personal online profiles is essential. This means activating privacy settings to prevent employers from seeing activity you would rather keep personal. Personal photos that may negatively impact your professional image should be made private to prevent them from appearing on your public profile.

Subbing Made Simple

After teaching in the classroom for twelve years and taking a several year break for career and  family reasons, I decided to try my hand at substitute teaching in Florida. When I made the decision to substitute I was nervous about handling groups of students I’d never met, but I quickly found strategies to keep me sane and keep the students on track. [Read more...]

Short-Term International Teaching Adventures

If you are a teacher looking to add some adventure and globe trotting experience to your resume then International Teacher Supply might be an option for you. International Teacher Supply is a member of ECIS and hires teachers to fill short and long term substitute positions in established international schools around the world. Positions can last from six weeks to several months. Host schools provide flights, health insurance and a teacher salary.

The International Teacher Supply website states, ” You will not lose money on an IST posting! You will be able to live well, travel and or save money! The international school will pay for transportation to and from the posting and may subsidise accommodation costs. Some schools also pay a cost of living allowance.” To apply for positions through International Teacher Supply applicants fill out an online application and pay a one time fee of 35 GBP, which is $54.19 according to the latest conversions. Applicants  are expected to have two years of full time teaching experience and go through a screening and interview process before being hired by IST.

As a former international teacher, I particularly like this short term teaching option  because it allows me the flexibility to work and travel overseas without committing to a typical one or two year teaching contract. It also allows me to explore countries and locations I’d like to visit but might not otherwise consider for a long term contract. This type of short term work would be ideal for teachers  who have a very flexible lifestyle,  those who work from home or who are global nomads looking to make some additional money while continuing their global adventures.

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