June 19, 2019

Bulletin Boards: 12 Ideas for Older Classrooms

Educators of older students ask me all the time for ideas that are low on “cutesy” and high on sophistication. This request holds true for bulletin boards and classroom décor as much as curriculum and lesson structure. Want some ideas on how to pull this off? Read on. [Read more...]

3 Easy Ways to Provide Tactile Instruction for Parts of Speech

Let’s face it. Grammar is far from the most exciting subject matter out there. Providing instruction for it can be a bit like pulling teeth without Novocaine. Here are three simple ways to make it hands on for students in early primary through intermediate grade levels. [Read more...]

Art on the Cheap: Torn Paper Mosaics

Teaching in an extreme situation where you are short on everything, including scissors? Here’s a lesson idea I got years ago from a frugal art colleague in Micronesia. Bonus? It’s one of those great lessons that can be used from early primary through high school. [Read more...]

Shoestring Teaching: The Multipurpose Game Board

Need a get-the-job-done, dirt cheap option for reviewing content in the classroom? These multipurpose game boards always did it for me. Read on to find out how to make them. [Read more...]

Middle East Henna Activity

Need a cultural heritage activity that’s big on style and short on cash outlay? Here’s a slamming alternative to traditional face painting booths that’s not only more culturally diverse, but cheaper as well. [Read more...]

Cheap Stuff for Starving Teachers

I don’t know about you, but rarely has my allotted classroom budget met my needs. In fact, in all my years of teaching, I can only think of one school where I was provided with everything I really needed. Even there, I had to be financially careful. And we all know what the unwritten expectation is when school districts can’t fund their own mandates . . .spend your own money. Big surprise. This article highlights my favorite teacher cheapies. [Read more...]

A Cheaper Classroom Calendar: DIY to the Rescue

Let’s face it. Classroom calendar supplies can add up to big bucks. If you are at the primary grades and need to work in patterning, it can more than double. Here’s how I made my own and skipped the cutting out and laminating of countless expensive apple and pencil cut-outs. [Read more...]

Shoestring Teaching: The Portable Puppet Theater

Looking for a classroom drama resource that’s quick, easy, inexpensive, and will take up practically no additional space? This tip is for you. [Read more...]

Shoestring Teaching: It’s in the Bag!

Need a simple cheap review strategy that can take you from day one to year end ? Would you love it even more if it truly could be used from early primary grades through high school? I’ve got your back. With this article, I’ll show how you can review any concept, any time using only a paper grocery sack and some index cards. Is that cheap, or what? [Read more...]

Words of the Week: Part One

Vocabulary building ideas are always a challenge. One simple way to make sure you are doing a bit extra is to consistently incorporate a word of the week. Read on to findstrategies for trying this out, and an extensive start up list for those raring to go. [Read more...]