September 20, 2019

More Teacher Discounts

Saving Teachers Money

South Florida Museum is also offering teachers free admission to the Museum, Planetarium and Aquarium with ID.

Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center offers discounted tickets to county employees from all counties. Two tickets to select shows.

Mote Aquarium offers teachers one free admission with a pay stub.

The Limited offers 20% discounts  on all purchases to teachers with ID.

Jo Anne Fabrics offers an annual discount card, show your teacher ID to receive one and you will receive a one time discount of 20% and the annual discount card which gives you 15% off the rest of the time.

Sonnys BBQ offers a $5.00 off coupon on orders of $25 dollars when you join their online club.

*These are Teacher Deals I discovered through Florida Department of Education’s Just For Teachers as well as through online searches. Check with your School District website for special deals in your area.  Have a great summer!

Other Freebie Resources


Mouse Savers (This one shows deals for Free Passes to Sea World for Teachers with a valid Florida Teaching certificate and a full time teaching job.)

Free Busch Gardens Pre School Passes.These are children’s passes which are  part of a promotion for Sesame Street Safari of Fun. The passes are good for any children 5 and under until Dec 31, 2010. Children must be five or under when you register.

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Grants, Grant Writers and Finding Funding


Finding funding for educational projects and professional projects can be challenging so these two websites and the resources within them should give educators interested in finding grants something to cheer about.  The first website for those wanting to find a grant is Grants Alert.  I actually found this one through the Florida Department of Education. This one is a great resource for finding grants; as well as finding grant writers through their directory or just educating yourself about how to find grants. This website has a help section, which contains useful articles including, ”Tips and Ways to Raise Funds, ” “Developing Successful Corporate Partnerships,” and a very useful article called “Two Most Important Words.” They are all worth a read and will further your knowledge about grants and grant writing.

The second website, offers a way to search for grants by category or agency or by more specific information such as funding type or eligibility. It also has very useful tools including, tracking your grant application and applicant resources. The site also links to the 26 federal grant making agencies through the Department of Health and Human Services.

Both of these websites should be instrumental in assisting people in finding grants, the grant application process and where to apply for grants. They each offer readers useful information that is well presented.

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Metro Shelving in the Classroom

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Fundraising without Cookie Dough: Simple Tips for Parents

Okay, how many of us have bought an extra magazine subscription we don’t need, cookie dough for the freezer, cheese cakes, gift wrap that gets tucked away and forgotten . . . oh,  the list goes on!

Here are some fundraising ideas that come from things you already are buying for your home.  The school needs to set up accounts and then have collection areas.

Capri sun juice pouches- Capri sun has a great program right now- save the juice pouches and deliver them in packs of 100. Each pouch is worth 2 cents and they reuse them and make backpacks, bags, binders, pencil bags.   Your school will need to set up a collection bin in the lunchroom and have someone that is in charge of counting and packing them.  Also have families save at home and send in.   Any weekend at a local parks field location for soccer or baseball leagues, you can score a huge amount too!

Campbell’s Soup labels.   Each can has a coupon on the label that can be cut out. Have someone hunt at a local Goodwill/Salvation Army for a big tin replica of a Campbell’s soup can and place in foyer or school office for the students to have an easy place to deposit the labels.

Box tops- You may have seen these on different items you already buy. A small pinkish rectangle- they are on cake mixes, your sanitary supplies, Progresso soup packs at Costco, juice bottles, the list goes on (see website for list of brands).  Clip the boxtops, and they are worth 10 cents each!

A fun activity with box tops- each classroom can have a collection box and have a contest to see which class collects the most.  They could have an extra pe session or class movie or popcorn party as a reward.

Grocery store’s club memberships- many of them let you link your club saver account to the local school and they donate money.  In Oregon the stores our school has links to are: Safeway, Albertsons, Target.

A fun fundraiser is a school ‘run’.  This encourages exercise and if planned, the students can ‘practice’ at recess for a few weeks leading up to it.  The students get pledges per lap, or a flat donation and then on one day each class has a schedule and does laps for 20 minutes around the track or inside a gym depending on facilities.  I have seen this done at a couple of schools.  One does it in the spring and one in the fall.  I prefer the one in the fall- the school does it around the first week of October and then has their budget for the school year.  It seems to work better then waiting until to close to Christmas/Holiday season or in the spring when we get ‘fundraisered’ out!

If you want to have a fundraiser that has a product -school tshirts/sweatshirts are a nice one.  There isn’t as big of a profit per piece, but shop around and find a local shirt printer that will give you a good deal.  Put the school logo on front or back. A fun option is the beginning letter of the school made of everyones names.  The kids like finding their names on their shirt.

Wish lists are a nice way to receive things from your school community.  Have teachers compile a list of things needed (this will be huge this year with budget cuts) and send list home or post at school.    It is amazing what will be donated through the wide variety of parent’s work fields. One school I know has a parent that had excess pens and sticky note pads from their work and they donated a box that quickly disappeared into appreciating classrooms.  Many parents are busy and can not come in and donate time, so feel good to be able to donate materials needed.

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