August 21, 2019

Learning Centers on the Cheap: Clothespin Math

Need a basic math center activity for multiple grade levels that will cost you next to nothing? Try this affordable idea that requires nothing but clothespins and index cards. [Read more...]

10 Tips for First Year Teachers

The first year in the trenches can be overwhelming, to say the least. You come out feeling prepared only to realize very quickly there’s still lots to learn. You’re on your own now though, so leaning on your advisors and host teacher from your internship are no longer an option, particularly if you landed a gig teaching around the world from where you studied. Here are ten general tips I wish someone had given me my first time out of the gate. [Read more...]

Classroom Coupons: An Easy No-Cost Management Tool

Constantly looking for ways to positively reward student behavior without dipping into your own personal funds? If you’re teaching intermediate to older grades, they love getting classroom coupons and extra passes. Design your own in a size that lets you fit at least four-six coupons on a page, allowing a place to add the date, your signature and any necessary black out options like final or midterm exams. Here are a few ideas of rewards older students like to receive individually. [Read more...]

6 Strategies for an Inviting Classroom

While structure and the feeling of a serious learning environment are important, an inviting classroom where students feel secure and welcome is also critical to achieving inclusion for all students. Here are six different strategies for increasing the comfort factor of your classroom. [Read more...]

4 Hot Tips for a Smooth Running Classroom

Looking for some simple, affordable ways to make things go more smoothly on the classroom front? Here are four great management hacks to get it done on the cheap and easy. Bonus? They work in classrooms from K – 12, making this one of those classroom tip articles high school teachers can actually benefit from. [Read more...]

Setting the Tone: Strategies to Start the Year Off Right

We all know how we start the year with students directly impacts what is to come . . . and just how smoothly it will go. Following are a few ideas to get things flowing in the right direction. [Read more...]

Want a Green Bulletin Board? Consider Cloth!

I don’t have to tell you how much paper consumption goes in to our yearly bulletin boards. I also don’t have to tell you just how tedious it is to get them ready and keep them rolling every year. Looking to save paper and a little bit of your precious time? Read on. [Read more...]

Project Hack: Some Thoughts on Glue Sticks

Tired of cleaning out individual glue caps with the closest available paper clip? I hear you. Here’s why glue sticks are one of my favorite classroom supplies . . . and why they always went on my new student “back to school” buy list during my classroom days. [Read more...]

25 Ways to Say Good Job!

Every teacher needs an idea bank of ways to provide positive reinforcement. Looking for a few ideas to keep from sounding repetitive? [Read more...]

More Classroom Hacks for Teaching in the Trenches

If you’ve been following this blog all along, you’re already aware that I love to pass along great classroom hacks as soon as I think of or run across them. This is no exception. Read on for some great ideas on getting things done on the cheap and easy. [Read more...]