August 21, 2019

Physical Education: 7 Pieces of Equipment for a Frugal Program

With tight budgets and position cuts the norm in many school districts, physical education often ends up being on the classroom teacher’s list of responsibilities. How do you implement a sustainable physical education program without diverting valuable classroom budget dollars on supplies? Here are seven simple suggestions to get you started. [Read more...]

More Classroom Ideas for Old-Fashioned Index Cards

Looking for cheapskate lesson ideas? Love the idea of tried and true materials with major multipurpose potential? When it comes to affordability, index cards are hard to beat. Read on. [Read more...]

Vocabulary on the Cheap: Two Easy Hacks Using Simple Index Cards

Need a cheap way to get your students involved in spelling and vocabulary activities? Read on to find out how easily simple index cards can get the job done. [Read more...]

Project Hack: Some Thoughts on Glue Sticks

Tired of cleaning out individual glue caps with the closest available paper clip? I hear you. Here’s why glue sticks are one of my favorite classroom supplies . . . and why they always went on my new student “back to school” buy list during my classroom days. [Read more...]

More Classroom Hacks for Teaching in the Trenches

If you’ve been following this blog all along, you’re already aware that I love to pass along great classroom hacks as soon as I think of or run across them. This is no exception. Read on for some great ideas on getting things done on the cheap and easy. [Read more...]

Paper Clip Ideas for a Rocking Classroom

Simple, cheap and around for as long as most of us classroom warriors can remember, these under-the-radar bits of office supply fluff can help you get the job done on multiple fronts. Read on for a list of affordable classroom tips involving the humble paper clip. [Read more...]

Rubber Bands in the Classroom

After a post I wrote on this subject a while back for Wise Bread, I started thinking about their use in the classroom and just how often educators put them into play. Here’s a quick rundown of a few ideas I’ve tried over the years. [Read more...]