August 25, 2019

Environmental Education, Recycling and Trash Pickup

The Importance of Recycling

As concerns mount regarding the state of our gulf coast and the oil spill, it’s a perfect opportunity to increase our children’s environmental awareness and educate them further about  the ways our planet is being damaged. There are many great programs for recycling but there are many people who don’t participate.  A great student project to demonstrate the importance of recycling is to have the students collect various types of trash from the classroom and home and dig a classroom landfill in a school approved area. If your school doesn’t have an area where you can dig there’s another excellent options in this article to achieve similar educational awareness about trash and recycling.

Project 1 Take student collected trash (food trash, plastic trash, paper trash.) It works best to include all types of trash for this project.

Phase One: As a class dig the landfill hole and place your trash items in the landfill. Have students map the landfill area, so that you know where each type of trash is located, for the second phase of this project. Take photos of the trash items before covering your landfill with soil. Cover the landfill area and then have a classroom discussion about how long the trash items will take to decompose in the landfill. Discuss recycling options in your individual area. Field trip option; visit a local landfill in your area for students to see the reality of what our garbage actually does to the planet.

This is part one of a two part series on Recycling and Trash.

Recycling Photo Credit By: Bucklava