August 25, 2019

Subbing Made Simple

After teaching in the classroom for twelve years and taking a several year break for career and  family reasons, I decided to try my hand at substitute teaching in Florida. When I made the decision to substitute I was nervous about handling groups of students I’d never met, but I quickly found strategies to keep me sane and keep the students on track. [Read more...]

Web Roundup: Down Days, Progress Reports and More

January is prime month for quality instruction. Yet it is also the time many of us have a hard time gearing up after the holidays. To help out, I’ve rounded up what I feel are the top tips from around the web as we launch into 2010. [Read more...]

Classroom Coupons: An Easy No-Cost Management Tool

Constantly looking for ways to positively reward student behavior without dipping into your own personal funds? If you’re teaching intermediate to older grades, they love getting classroom coupons and extra passes. Design your own in a size that lets you fit at least four-six coupons on a page, allowing a place to add the date, your signature and any necessary black out options like final or midterm exams. Here are a few ideas of rewards older students like to receive individually. [Read more...]

Beverage Box Ideas for Starving School Teachers

If you’re like most teachers, free is your favorite price when it comes to classroom resource materials. Enter the humble cardboard beverage flats. [Read more...]

Cooking in the Classroom: Three Simple Recipes

Primary level instructors tend to work this in for thematic purposes. However, even older students can enjoy an unexpected treat occasionally. Whatever your reasons for wanting to whip something up at school, here are three simple recipes to get you started. [Read more...]

Fundraising Ideas for High Schools

Let’s tell it like it is. High school professionals tend to get the short end of the stick when it comes to cool idea resources. In fact, I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve heard the complaint. So secondary teachers, this one’s for you! Read on for a list of unexpected and high income generating ideas to raise money with your high school students. [Read more...]

Year-Long Bulletin Board Ideas

Staying late on a Friday night to cut out thirty-eight individual paper apples when you could be on a date? Looking to regain a life while still feeling like you’re going the distance for your job? I hear you. This list includes some of the ideas I found most helpful during my years in the trenches. [Read more...]

Online Portfolios: Rocket Fuel for Teaching Careers

Stuck in the initial stages of teaching where you are jumping through mentor hoops at every turn? Use it to your advantage. Rather than just doing the basics and posting a static set of pictures and lessons, you can turn this short-term headache to your long-term benefit. I’ve developed a list of ten points to consider. Read on to find out what they are. [Read more...]

Going Green in the Classroom: Affordable Ways to Make it Happen

As with life on the home front, going green in the classroom without busting your annual consumables budget can require a fair amount of ingenuity. Following are a few ideas to make it happen without breaking the bank. [Read more...]

Classroom Hacks: Binder Clips to the Rescue

Having previously written about the household uses of binder clips, I thought it might be fun to do a classroom version here. Following is a quick list of suggestions for various grade levels of classroom instruction. [Read more...]