News Releases from TheLessonMachine.Com

14 September 2005, TheLessonMachine.Com Donates Online Curriculum to All in Need from Katrina

2 August 2004, New Teacher Site Celebrates Cultural Diversity / Folklore Is Common Link

12 July 2004, Internet Curriculum Provides Starting Point for Teachers / Support Materials Available for Easy Classroom Use

6 July 2004, Teaching Website Uses Nontraditional Distribution to Reduce Waste, Pollution / Corporate Responsibility a Driving Force at TheLessonMachine.Com

29 June 2004, New Teacher Website Models Environmental Protection, Conservation

22 June 2004, New Education Program Eliminates Packaging Bound for Landfill /Alternative Available at TheLessonMachine.Com

8 June 2004, New Education Model Provides Multicultural Resources With Comprehensive Subject Integration

1 June 2004, New Teacher Website Provides Curriculum for Homeschoolers Around the World / TheLessonMachine.Com Provides Affordable Curriculum Alternative

25 May 2004, TheLessonMachine.Com Reduces Fuel Consumption, Pollution Through Telecommuting / Workers Also Save on Gas Costs

18 May 2004, Cultural Gap Bridged / New Teacher Website Brings Systemic Change

4 May 2004, Heritage Curriculum a Catalyst for Change / TheLessonMachine.Com Philosophy States Child Enthusiasm is Best Avenue for Change

21 April 2004, TheLessonMachine.Com Meets Teacher, Student and Admin Needs/Lesson Plans Are Convenient, Economical and Culturally Necessary

19 April 2004, New Education Website Is Environmentally Friendly / Paper Materials Printed Only As Needed

6 April 2004, New Teacher Site Builds World Community / Global Citizenship Promoted Through Education

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