Shifting the Sands of Violence

This is an integrated systems template for use from the local to the national levels. It integrates the tolerance and basic education materials from TheLessonMachine.Com with local, state and national park systems, neighborhood association networks, law enforcement agencies, and micro-credit finance programs to attack the violence/poverty connection systemically.

Prison and Correctional Product Use Document

This chart overviews the benefits of using TheLessonMachine.Comís materials in the court and correctional systems. From language / literacy development, and supporting short-term crises in the juvenile system, to long-term therapeutic and rehabilitative value and inmate behavioral benefits, these materials will give you what you need.

Education and Community Support Integration

This document provides a chart detailing a seamless integration approach between traditional education and various community support programs, all by using the streamlined materials from TheLessonMachine.Com.

Multiple Program Usage Options

Use this link to view a template for using TheLessonMachine.Comís materials in various programs. These include crisis/at-risk situations such as Boys & Girls Clubs, Big Brother/Big Sister chapters, jails/juvenile court, battered / homeless shelters, programs for academically challenged students and terminally ill childrenís wards. Information is also provided for use in literacy programs and by instructional professionals in training.

A Forest for the Trees

This document details TheLessonMachine.Com's global approach to achieving quality education for all. It integrates fully with UNESCO's Dakar framework.

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